14-Day Uganda Safari: Gorilla Trekking and Nature Tour

Uganda Safari – Many years on the road to development have not left Africa the same. When you walk around its towns and cities, there is so much and significant first development going on. A couple of the countries are clearly in a take-off stage. It is a good thing, and many travellers get glad when they see it. However, some feel they have not been fed the most right information about Africa. Well, that is just within the urban areas.

Uganda Safari

Our average Uganda Wildlife Safari focuses on exploring the country’s remotest areas, and from experience, we believe that this should give the adventurous traveler the true definition of traditional Africa. This well-packaged nature safari is delivered to travelers by our well locally trained nature guides. Very patient men and women whose principal value in the wild is taking care of travel companions, turning every bit of wildlife for identity and making even the smallest contribution to conservation. These excursions are essential parts of our Uganda Gorilla Tours and Game Viewing Safari, offering deep engagement with Africa’s natural beauty and wildlife diversity.

This Uganda Safari focuses on national parks, which are undoubtedly the most favorable homes of wild animals world over. And, it is an excellent mix of Savannah and forested parks set between 600 to 2,300 meters above sea level. These elevation variations come with a combination of unique habitats that host extremely extraordinary endemic and very localized wildlife. Such environments are perfect for those on a Game Viewing Safari, looking to encounter rare species in their natural habitats, and are integral to our Uganda Gorilla Tours where the majesty of the wilderness is fully appreciated.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens Animals
Vervet Monkeys in the Entebbe Botanical Gardens are very tame for photography.

Day 1 Uganda Safari: Arrival For Uganda Safari and Nature Walk to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Most of our Uganda arrivals come through Entebbe International Airport; therefore, we like to spend a night around this beautiful town before heading into the wild. The countryside locations that the rest of the tour will cover are a couple of hours’ drive apart. Besides, this night is crucial for taking care of a few details, making sure everything is in place after your flight and also to shake off a little bit of the jet-lag.

But for travelers eager to dive right into their Uganda Gorilla Tours and Game Viewing Safari, we make the most of the day if the flights arrive early. We pay a visit to the best botanical garden in the region. These botanical gardens are a charming mix of natural habitats, featuring native and a few exotic trees that were identified as a priority in the formation of a research station over a hundred years ago.

These trees have become a natural home to dozens of bird species, three primate species which are Vervet and the Red-tailed Monkeys, and a family of the Mantled guereza which is a monkey from the colobus cluster. Other wildlife easily encountered includes a Striped ground squirrel and several reptiles among which the massive Nile monitor is significant.

Mantled Guereza

The over one kilometer stretch along Lake Victoria provides a luxurious habitat with a fantastic lake view and is an attraction for classic African waterfowl. This environment is perfect for our initial Game Viewing Safari experience. We take a leisurely walk around the gardens in the afternoon and spend a night in Entebbe, preparing for the adventures ahead in our Uganda Gorilla Tours.

Day 2 Uganda Safari: Transfer to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

After breakfast, we will drive past Kampala, the bustling capital city of Uganda, and start heading north into the real wilderness. This journey marks the beginning of a more intense phase of our Uganda Gorilla Tours and Game Viewing Safari, transitioning from urban landscapes to the untamed natural beauty of Uganda’s countryside.

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, our first true wild destination, is a privately run initiative that will give you ample reasons to appreciate conservation efforts and ignite the desire to be part of them. It ranks highly among the most successful conservation initiatives in Uganda. It is poignant to reflect on the history here: Uganda once had two species of rhinos that were completely extirpated by the end of the 1980s. Thanks to the efforts of the Rhino Fund Uganda and a government that now appreciates nature, we can once again see rhinos thriving on Ugandan soil. Today, a healthy population of white rhinos of all ages roams the lands that they once dominated centuries ago. As part of our Game Viewing Safari, we have the privilege of being among the few people who can visit the sanctuary to trek and observe these magnificent animals up close in their natural habitat. Participating in this trek not only connects you with the wilderness but also makes you a part of the ongoing efforts towards wildlife conservation.

Uganda Rwanda Family Safari
White Rhino of Uganda

We will have lunch at the sanctuary and also engage in the rhino trekking activity today. This hands-on experience is a cornerstone of our safari, offering you a direct encounter with one of Africa’s most iconic species in a setting that emphasizes conservation and sustainable tourism practices. This day at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is not just about adventure but also education and conservation, making it a significant and impactful part of your Uganda Gorilla Tours.

Day 3 Uganda Safari: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

This morning, we embark on a journey to Uganda’s largest national park, Murchison Falls National Park. This park is renowned not only for its incredible abundance of both large and small wildlife but also for its breathtaking landscapes that feature expansive mountain views, the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, vast plains of Savannah grasslands, and the dramatic drop of the Great East African Rift Valley and its spectacular escarpment. Murchison Falls, the park’s namesake, stands out as a natural marvel that is unmatched elsewhere on the African continent.

After a drive of less than three hours, we arrive at the top of Murchison Falls National Park. Today’s agenda includes an opportunity to view the falls from the top, offering the most dramatic vistas. These falls are among the world’s most powerful, created as the mighty Nile River—the longest river in the world—forces its way through a narrow eight-foot-wide cleft and plunges forty feet down, only to widen to three hundred and fifty meters in some areas. The sheer force and majesty of the water coursing through this narrow gap create a breathtaking spectacle that is a must-see during our Uganda Gorilla Tours.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison FallsFollowing our visit to the top of the falls, we will enjoy a hot lunch at our accommodation facility before setting out for an afternoon drive. This excursion is a key part of our Game Viewing Safari, introducing you to the quintessential safari experience.

Our wildlife drive on the northern side of the Nile will traverse well-maintained tracks through open savannahs, offering chances to observe a wide range of mammals from the large, iconic species to the smaller, equally fascinating animals of the African continent. This immersive experience in Murchison Falls National Park encapsulates the thrill and beauty of African wildlife and landscapes, making it a highlight of our safari tours.

Africa Wildlife Safari
Patas Monkey mother with a baby

Day 4 Uganda Safari: Wildlife Viewing for the Big Five in Murchison Falls National Park of Uganda

We set out early in the morning to catch the wildlife at its most active. The predawn hours are prime time for spotting the “Big Five” as lions, leopards, and spotted hyenas, which are active throughout the night, continue their activities into the early morning. The beautiful savannah serves as a dramatic backdrop where we also search for Rothschild’s giraffes and the massive African bush elephants. Herds of African buffaloes are commonly sighted here, making it a spectacular start to the day’s game viewing safari. Additionally, we keep an eye out for Uganda’s national mammal, the Kob, along with Lelwel’s hartebeest, waterbucks, Bohor reedbucks, bushbucks, oribis, common warthogs, and side-striped jackals, showcasing the rich biodiversity that Murchison Falls is known for.

Wildlife Places Uganda Africa
Bohor Reedbuck

After returning to the hotel for a well-deserved hot lunch, we embark on a thrilling three-hour boat ride upstream to the bottom of Murchison Falls. These boat rides are a cornerstone of our Uganda Gorilla Tours, offering unique wildlife experiences that are distinct from those found on land. From the moment we depart from the jetty, we’re on the lookout for wildlife. Hippopotamuses are frequently spotted at close range, basking near the water’s edge. As we glide along the thick riverine forest habitats, our eyes are peeled for the gigantic Nile crocodiles and herds of African bush elephants that frequent the riverbanks to drink and bathe during this time of day. The birdlife here is exceptionally vibrant, supported by the Nile’s rich supply of aquatic life. We anticipate sightings of various species of egrets and herons, including cattle, great, intermediate, and little egrets, as well as Goliath, grey, squacco, striated, and black-headed herons. Malachite, woodland, stunning grey-headed, and giant kingfishers are also expected sights, along with potentially observing breeding colonies of bee-eaters, African fish eagles, and, if we’re particularly fortunate, the elusive shoebill—Africa’s most sought-after bird. This day’s adventure enriches the game viewing safari experience, making it an unforgettable part of your journey through Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Safari Adventure
A grown male Giraffe bands to drink

Day 5 Uganda Safari: Scenic Drive to Kibale Forest National Park 

Today, we embark on a scenic drive to Kibale Forest National Park, traversing through the verdant countryside adorned with traditional grass-thatched homesteads and subsistence farmlands. This journey not only showcases the natural beauty of Uganda but also offers a glimpse into the lives of its rural inhabitants. Observing the simple yet content lifestyles of the less privileged Ugandans along the way teaches us that different factors contribute to happiness across the world. This drive is an essential component of our Uganda Gorilla Tours, providing a deeper understanding of the cultural context in which we operate our Game Viewing Safari.

The route to Kibale is quite lengthy, but the excellent roads make the travel comfortable, allowing us to enjoy uninterrupted views of the lush landscapes. As we approach Fort Portal town, the scenery shifts to vibrant green tea plantations that stretch out under the expansive African sky. This picturesque drive through the heartland of Uganda prepares us for the upcoming chimpanzee trekking experience in Kibale Forest, where we will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with the primates in their natural habitat. This transition from the bustling life of the savannah to the tranquil greenery of the forested areas marks a pivotal point in our safari, enhancing the diversity of experiences offered during our journey.

Great Lakes Safaris Uganda
Piapiacs symbiotically relate with the African Buffalo.

Day 6 Uganda Safari: Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda

This morning, our adventure continues at Kanyanchu, the tourist information center that serves as the starting point for most activities in Kibale National Park. We embark on a chimpanzee trekking experience that is not just an ordinary wildlife encounter. Kibale Forest offers the highest density of chimpanzee populations in the world, making it a premier destination for our Uganda Gorilla Tours and an exceptional Game Viewing Safari. This forest is renowned as the primate capital of the world due to its fourteen different species of primates, including the Uganda red colobus and Mantled guereza, along with a myriad of other species such as the endemic Uganda mangabey, blue monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, olive baboon, red-tailed monkey, vervet, and the recently described Tantalus monkey. The rich biodiversity here provides a unique opportunity to observe these primates in their natural habitat, offering a profound connection with nature that resonates with the core of wildlife conservation efforts.

Common Chimpanzee

In the afternoon, we enhance our experience by taking a nature walk to the Bigodi Community Wetland Sanctuary, a model for community-based conservation initiatives. This two-hour loop through the sanctuary allows us to explore diverse habitats, including cultivated lands, riverine forests, and a boardwalk through papyrus swamps. More than six primate species have adapted well to this environment, showing a remarkable level of tameness thanks to the community’s efforts in habitat preservation. This walk is not only a crucial part of our Game Viewing Safari but also an effort to support local communities in their conservation and eco-tourism endeavors. Accompanied by a trained local community guide, we will learn about the natural beauty as seen through the eyes of the Bigodi people, adding a rich cultural layer to our understanding of wildlife conservation. This immersive experience blends education, conservation, and community interaction, embodying the spirit of sustainable tourism and deepening the impact of your visit.

Africa Primate Safaris
Uganda Red Colobus

Day 7 Uganda Safari: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park for Game Viewing

Today, we explore one of the gems of our Uganda Gorilla Tours—Queen Elizabeth National Park, renowned for its diverse ecosystems and status as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This park is celebrated not only for its biodiversity but also for its unique cultural significance with up to eleven local communities within its boundaries. Despite its relatively modest area of about 1900 square meters, it boasts the highest record of mammal species diversity in Uganda and is home to over 620 species of birds, making it a compact but incredibly rich destination for a Game Viewing Safari.

Where to See Wild Animals Uganda Africa
Male Uganda Kob

Upon arrival, we will settle in at our accommodation and enjoy a leisurely lunch before embarking on an afternoon of extraordinary wildlife viewing and scenic drives around the Katwe volcanic explosion craters. The panoramic views offered by these craters on a clear, sunlit day provide a visceral reminder of nature’s sublime beauty, often too vast and magnificent to capture in words alone. Our excursion through this part of the park is designed to give you a deeply personal and unforgettable experience, allowing you to connect with the natural world in a way that is both profound and unique. This day promises not just sightings of diverse wildlife but an immersive experience into the ecological and geological wonders that make Queen Elizabeth National Park a key highlight of our safari tours.

Day 8 Uganda Safari: Game Viewing and Boat Ride on the Kazinga Channel 

Today’s activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park, a critical site for our Uganda Gorilla Tours and Game Viewing Safari, start on the Kasenyi tracks of the park’s northern part. Known for its well-maintained short grasses that attract grazing animals, the Kasenyi area is particularly famed for its spectacular lekking grounds where Kobs gather, making it a preferred location for predators such as lions and leopards. These intelligent cats strategically remain near these grounds, taking advantage of the abundant prey. Our morning game drive will focus on these dynamic interactions, providing thrilling wildlife viewing opportunities. Additionally, we’ll explore the unique flora like Euphorbia candelabrums, and search among the acacia trees for the elusive tree-climbing lions and solitary leopards.

Uganda Safaris
African Bush Elephant

Post-lunch, we embark on a scenic boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, a forty-kilometer long natural waterway linking Lakes Edward and George. The cruise offers a serene experience as it passes through a rich mosaic of habitats within the park boundaries. This waterway serves as a vital resource for the communities within and around the park, some of whom rely on traditional salt mining and fishing to sustain their livelihoods. 

The two-hour journey offers close encounters with a diverse array of wildlife. You’ll witness African buffaloes cooling off in the water, a natural behavior that helps them keep parasites at bay, while oxpeckers perform their symbiotic duty of cleaning the buffaloes’ wounds. Giant African elephants are often seen playfully splashing water, adding to the vibrant life along the channel. This immersive cruise is not just a tranquil experience but a perfect representation of the ecosystem’s complexity and the symbiotic relationships that define this biodiverse area. Observing this interplay of flora and fauna underscores the richness of the wildlife and the critical importance of conservation efforts supported by our Game Viewing Safari.

East Africa Safari
Spotted Hyena

Day 9 Uganda Safari: Transfer to Ruhija of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for Gorilla Trekking

Today, we set out early to make the most of our journey to one of the highlights of our Uganda Gorilla Tours—gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Our route takes us through the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, a region world-renowned for its unique tree-climbing lions. Observing these magnificent lions perched nonchalantly in fig tree branches is not only an extraordinary sight but also a fantastic prelude to the day’s adventures, enhancing our Game Viewing Safari experience. As we traverse this area, we’ll keep an eye out for the elegant Topi, an antelope species known for its speed and agility, which adds to the diverse wildlife portfolio of this park.

As we ascend into the high elevation mountains that serve as a sanctuary for the Eastern gorillas, we notice a significant change in the climate—it becomes noticeably cooler. The scenic drive through these lush highlands offers breathtaking views and an opportunity to interact with the welcoming local communities, setting a serene backdrop as we approach our destination. This transition from the savannah plains to the mist-covered forests of Bwindi is an exhilarating prelude to the intense and intimate experience of gorilla trekking that awaits us. Preparing for this activity involves not just physical readiness but also a mental shift to appreciate the profound interactions we are about to experience with one of the earth’s most awe-inspiring creatures.

Uganda Tree Climbing Lions Safari
Tree Climbing Lioness of Ishasha

Day 10 Uganda Safari: Eastern Gorilla Tracking Excursion

Today, we delve deep into the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, one of the prime locations for Uganda Gorilla Tours. Bwindi, along with Mghahinga Gorilla National Park, is home to five renowned Eastern gorilla trekking stations. The gorilla trekking experience is highly unpredictable and varies daily, which adds to the excitement and authenticity of our Game Viewing Safari. The behavior and movements of these majestic gorillas guide our trek, making each encounter unique. Based on extensive observations and feedback from past travelers, we have chosen to conduct today’s trek in Ruhija, a sector known for its impressive gorilla families and scenic beauty.

Gorilla Tour Company Uganda Rwanda
Adult Gorilla carries an infant.

The day begins at the local information center where we’ll receive a comprehensive briefing on the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking. Following this, we’ll be divided into small groups and embark on our journey into the dense forest. The duration of the trek can range from two to seven hours, depending on the location of the gorillas on that particular day. Our experienced guides from the Uganda Wildlife Authority lead the way, adjusting the pace to accommodate the slowest walkers in each group to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bwindi Forest Mammals Animals
Black-fronted Duiker

If we return early and the group feels energetic, additional activities are available to enrich your experience in Bwindi. You might choose to participate in a forest walk, enjoy cultural dances, or visit the local Batwa communities. The Batwa, an indigenous tribe formerly residing within the forest, offers visitors insights into their unique cultural heritage that has been intertwined with the forest for centuries. These engagements not only enhance our understanding of the area’s cultural fabric but also contribute to the sustainable tourism efforts that support both conservation and community development in the region. This holistic approach to tourism ensures that our Uganda Gorilla Tours offer more than just wildlife viewing, providing a deeper, more meaningful connection to the region and its inhabitants.

Day 11 Uganda Safari: Transfer to Bunyonyi Uganda’s Deepest Lake

Today, we transition from the dense forests of Bwindi to the open and picturesque landscapes of southwestern Uganda. Our drive takes us past the stunning Kigezi terraces, an area renowned for its intricate and beautiful agricultural patterns that are a testament to the region’s rich cultural and farming heritage. This scenic drive is a gentle decompression from the intense gorilla trekking and a reminder of the diverse beauty that Uganda offers on our Game Viewing Safari.

Lake Bunyonyi Uganda
Misty Mountains

Upon arrival at Lake Bunyonyi, known as Uganda’s deepest lake, we will check into our accommodation set in a serene environment that commands a breathtaking view of the lake and its numerous islands. This tranquil setting offers a perfect backdrop for reflection on the adventures we’ve experienced over the past few days and serves as an idyllic locale for the next phase of our Uganda Gorilla Tours. The peaceful waters and the surrounding lush hillsides provide a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

For those who wish to stay active, Lake Bunyonyi offers a variety of leisure activities to enhance your stay. You might choose to explore the lake by boat, discovering the various islands each with its own unique story, or take a nature walk along the shores to spot some of the numerous bird species that make this area a birdwatcher’s paradise. These activities are not only relaxing but also allow for an intimate appreciation of the natural beauty and tranquility of Lake Bunyonyi. Whether you’re basking in the quietude or engaging in gentle explorations, this day is designed to balance relaxation with light adventure, making it a perfect complement to the rigorous activities of the previous days.

Day 12 Uganda Safari: Uganda Wildlife Tour to Lake Mburo National Park

Today marks our visit to the last safari park on our tour, but we approach it with a relaxed pace. After a leisurely morning, we will transfer to Lake Mburo National Park, renowned for its tranquil settings and rich biodiversity, making it a fitting conclusion to our Uganda Gorilla Tours and Game Viewing Safari. The park’s centerpiece, Lake Mburo, is a serene body of water entirely enclosed within the park borders, characterized by calm waters fringed by broad-leaved forest thickets and rolling hills.

Upon arrival, we’ll take advantage of the perfect timing for a boat ride on Lake Mburo. This peaceful lake is teeming with large schools of hippos and Nile crocodiles, alongside a prolific birdlife that thrives in this undisturbed habitat. The gentle boat ride provides an opportunity to observe these animals up close in their natural environment, enhancing our understanding of the aquatic ecosystems within the park.

Best of Uganda Safari
Common Zebra

In the afternoon, our wildlife drives aim to introduce you to several species not previously encountered on our safari. We’ll explore diverse habitats within the park, seeking out the Common Eland, the largest antelope species on earth, as well as Bush Duikers, Topi, Giraffes, and the athletic-looking Impalas. A particular treat is the chance to see the Bohem race of the Common Zebra, distinctively patterned and a highlight in this region. These game drives are meticulously planned to offer new sightings and enrich your list of observed species, providing a comprehensive and memorable wrap-up to our Game Viewing Safari. Observing these animals in their restricted-range habitats offers unique insights into the ecological dynamics of Lake Mburo National Park, ensuring that our last safari day remains as exciting as the first.

Day 13 Uganda Safari: Transfer to Entebbe Via the Uganda Equator

Before we leave the park, we shall ice the cake. We adventure the park on foot in the company of an armed and very well trained wildlife ranger guide. Wildlife walks are not an option in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth national parks, so we try it here. This lasts for two to three hours and then transfer to Entebbe via the equator. We will have an adventurous stop at the equator for photographic opportunities and the Equator experience.

Lake Mburo National Park
Common Eland

Day 14 Uganda Safari: Kampala City Tour and Transfer to the Airport

Kampala city is quite congested, but we want to have a look at the natural history of the country. We will beat the traffic by taking our most exceptional paths and perfect timings. We shall visit the Namugongo Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine at Namugongo, Uganda National Museum which is the oldest in East Africa, Gadaffi Mosque which is the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the facilities of Buganda kingdom. We will choose which one when the day is close, because other factors may be put into consideration. 

A day room for changing before transferring to the airport will be included in the costing of this tour. End of Uganda Safari 

Africa Safari

Why Choose Our Safari Tour?

Our expertly curated Uganda Gorilla Tours and Kenya Safari are delivered by locally trained guides passionate about conservation and eager to share their knowledge. With a blend of comfortable accommodations and carefully planned routes, each day is structured to maximize your experience while promoting sustainable tourism practices that benefit wildlife and local communities.

Embark on this safari of a lifetime, where every day promises new discoveries and unforgettable memories in the wild heart of Africa.



  • Transport in a 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser with a pop-up roof and clear sliding windows for excellent game viewing safari and photography
  • All vehicle fuel for the tour
  • One Eastern Gorilla Trekking Permit per person
  • One Chimpanzee Trekking Permit Per Person
  • Boat Rides
  • English speaking Ugandan driver/guide
  • Accommodation and three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) through the tour. Or as agreed at booking 
  • Park Entrance/Conservation fees according to the program
  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • International air fares and entry visa
  • Meals that are not part of your accommodation
  • A porter during the gorilla trekking (Optional Community support staff who carries your day pack)
  • Personal (medical/travel) insurance
  • Government tax or park fees increase
  • Tips and gratuities to rangers, driver/guide, porter, hotel staff, etc
  • All expenses of personal nature (e.g. drinks, laundry, optional activities, souvenirs etc.)




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