Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Katonga Wildlife Reserve – This reserve can best be explored on foot and by use of canoes. It supports 40 mammal species and 150 bird species. There are canoe trips which follow a narrow channel through the swamp and give visitors opportunities to see various water and papyrus associated birds, Sitatunga antelope and the Spotted-necked Otters. The wetlands canoe trail is a two-kilometre ride through the reed and papyrus swamp and is guided by a local boat operator. The trip offers opportunities to see kingfishers and storks like the Yellow-billed and the magnificent Shoebill.

Uganda Wildlife National Parks
Bohor Reedbuck

There are three guided half-day walking trails which can be arranged by the park staff.

The Kisharara trail goes through main habitats within the park comprising of grassland, Savanna and swamp fringes; and it is also an excellent trail for seeing Sitatungas, a shy swamp antelope.

The Kyeibale trail takes you through an area with tall rock formations as well as forested valleys and caves. 

The Sitatunga trail takes you through a mixture of grassland and wetland habitats offering more chances of seeing the rare mammal that it is named after.

Most visible are Elephants, Waterbuck, Reedbuck, monkeys and otters.

This is one of the best places in Africa to look for the elusive Sitatunga, a semi-aquatic antelope with webbed hooves that forages almost exclusively in swamps.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve
Defassa Waterbuck 

Katonga is four hours drive from Kampala. The most direct route is to use the Kampala-Mubende-Fort Portal Road. From Mubende proceed to Kyegegwa.

January-February and July-August are the driest months, but rain is possible due to unavoidable season changes.

Katonga Wildlife Reserve

  • Size: 207 sq km
  • Location: Ibanda and Kamwenge in western Uganda

Katonga Wildlife Reserve Tourist Activities

    • Nature walk
    • Birding
    • Canoe trip


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A Mantled Guereza monkey perched thoughtfully among the green foliage in Uganda's forest.