Elgon Mountaineering Trip – 10 Days

Elgon Mountaineering Trip – 10 Days

Mt. Elgon is an extinct volcano that first erupted more than 24 million years ago. With the largest surface area of any extinct volcano in the world (50 km by 80 km), Mt. Elgon is the fourth highest mountain in Eastern Africa, with the second-highest peak in Uganda- Wagagi at 4321 metres. Mt. Elgon holds a crater covering 40 kms at the top of the mountain, surrounded by a series of rugged peaks.

There are no serious risks of altitude-related illnesses that regularly afflict hikers on the upper slopes of the Mount Kilimanjaro or Kenya therefore aspirant hikers need to be reasonably fit, with no specialized equipment or skills to reach the peaks.

Mountain Elgon can be hiked at any time of the year, though the dry season (June-August and December-March) are the best times. The most favourable months are November and December when the highland flowers are in bloom. Warm clothing’s are highly recommended.

DAY 1: Start Mountain Elgon Hiking Tour in Uganda

Explore Uganda Tours & Safaris driver guide receives you on arrival at Entebbe International Airport for your journey to Mount Elgon National Park. The tour drives Jinja for a visit to the Source of the mighty River Nile. However, some of the activities depend on your time of arrival.

DAY 2: White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Horse Riding in Uganda

After breakfast, a variety of options will be available for you to choose from for this day. You could choose visiting Mabira Forest for an interesting forest walk, go swimming, boat riding, Horse Riding,Bungee Jumping, floating on the Great River Nile, White water Rafting or Quad Bike. Lunch will be served from your chosen activity area and for forest walk, a picnic lunch will be arranged.

Options & Extras

Rafting on the Nile- Grade 5

Quad Bike (ATV) 4 hours

Horse Riding 2 hours

Horse Riding 3 hours

Bungee Jumping

DAY 3: Mountain Elgon Climbing Tour in Uganda

After breakfast, the tour continues to Mt Elgon National Park. Arriving in good time will allow a walk to the breath taking Sipi falls.

DAY 4: Hike Piswa Trail- Elgon Mountaineering Adventure

After breakfast, a short briefing with park rangers and porters, the scenic hike through the bamboo, heath and moorland Piswa trail begins from Kapwata at 2190 m to reach after 11 km Piswa camp at 2850 m above sea level.

DAY 5: Hike to Hunters Camp- Africa Mountaineering Adventure

Trek up to the verge of the calderas through beautiful columns of Lobelia Elgonensis, 1020 meters of height difference. Visit Hot Springs and Suam Gorge before descending to the hunters cave Camp 3850m.

DAY 6: Hike to Mude Cave- Uganda Mountain Climbing Tour

Have breakfast, head towards the volcano caldera, and descend to Mude Cave camp at 3500 m. through Jackson summit and the Jackson pool. 14 to 19 km has to be hiked today. According to the paths taken, the hike lasts approximately 11 hours.

DAY 7: Hike to Wagagai the Highest Point on Mount Elgon

Hike to Wagagai peak with the highest point on Mt Elgon at 4321metres ASL. We pass through Jackson Lake, this is a 9 hours hike covering the 18 km return trail.

DAY 8: Descend Mount Elgon to Jackson Peak

In 5 hours, Jackson peak at 4165 MASL could be done. In the afternoon, descend to Sasa River camp at 2900 MASL.

Day 9: Descend to Budadiri Village

After breakfast, descend from the volcano and reach Budadiri village at 1250 m passing through wall of death “Mudange cliff”.

DAY 10: Return Entebbe for the flight back home.

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