Sense of adventure gets you from your home and brings you down to Africa, to know how people live and what the world is like beyond stories, T.V shows, movies and magazines. We take nothing for granted. Our magnificent and intense Wildlife Safaris and extreme Eastern Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking experiences are customised to match the unique desires of our travellers who are coming from different walks of life and a vast range of age deferences. And the exchange of up to tens of emails will aim at tailor-making a countryside viewing trip that will linger in a lifetime’s worth of memories. We are happy to respond to questions, talk to us.


This tour is designed for travellers who do not have plenty of time to spend on a journey; otherwise, an average Uganda safari lasts fourteen days. We do quite lengthy whole drives to get the tracking stations, and this is for the one and the last day. The spices on these drives are a well-trained WILD INTENSE guide and the incredible panoramic scenery views that Uganda is blessed with.

Thanks to the tireless conservation efforts towards saving Eastern Mountain Gorillas! Today, there are over one thousand individuals from just above six hundred less than thirty years ago. Travellers like you have made this possible and continue to do magic through purchasing gorilla trekking expeditions like this one or even more days numbered ones.


The Big 5, which comprise of Lion, Leopard, African bush elephant, Rhino and the African buffalo, were not dabbed this because of size. The source of the story is ironical but highly celebrated today. In the colonial times and today among game hunters, these particular animals have rated highly because challenges involved in the effort to take them down. Their defensive character also contributes highly to these credits.

Uganda African Big Five Game Safari – For most travellers that take vacations to Africa for wildlife viewing, the joy of seeing the so-called Big Five strikes them profoundly. The Big 5, which comprise of Lion, Leopard, African bush elephant, Rhino and the African buffalo, were not dabbed this because of size.

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The tour focuses on national parks, which are undoubtedly the most favourable homes of wild animals world over. And, it is an excellent mix of Savannah and forested parks set between 600 to 2,300 metres above sea level. These elevation variations come with a combination of unique habitats that host extremely extraordinary endemic and very localised wildlife.



We understand that Birdwatching tours require a specialized team to be able to take care of every detail. Contact the unflappable team at Avian Safaris that has mastered the birds and their hideouts in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. From One Day Mabamba Shoebill Tours to the average Uganda Birding Tour of 21 days


Uganda’s national parks define East Africa. The Rift Valley and the Albertine Rift landscapes and the tropical forests make dramatic backdrops to an extensive variety of flora and fauna